30 Days Wild: It begins!

OK, my friends! Tomorrow, June 1st, is the first day of 30 Days Wild! What is 30 Days Wild, you ask? It’s a thing (movement? experience? challenge?) that was started by The Wildlife Trusts, in the United Kingdom. The goal is to get outside in some kind of wildness (totally subjective and open to interpretation) every day in the month of June. We’re trying to get on this, here at Bay Area Families Outside, and we encourage you to try, too.

IMG_6813Let’s be clear– all the adults at Bay Area Families Outside have full-time jobs. They’re on the relatively flexible side, as full time jobs go, but not on the “we can take a hike with the toddler at 10 am on a weekday flexible” side. We do have two camping trips planned for June, but on the day-to-day, it’s not so easy. We won’t be impressing you with epic feats of wildness this month. We’re just trying to get some more nature into our lives.

Why try for 30 Days Wild? Some of us are motivated by challenges, so there’s that. (Apparently there’s a blog competition for 30 Days Wild. Competition may or may not be a driving force in some of our worlds.) But beyond that, what this represents is an opportunity to take time for the next 30 days to actually be deliberate about stopping to notice the world around us, and trying to get the younger people in the family on this same train.

IMG_6816Really, friends, I think what this is going to amount to is trying to get in more moments like what happened yesterday: yesterday we got back from a Memorial Day trip to Southern California. After spending 6 hours in the car, the preschooler wanted to go ride her tricycle. So we put said trike in the car and went to Wildcat. And she rode around for approximately 5 minutes, after which she spent time putting leaves in a bucket with a clothespin. We also saw a caterpillar on a leaf, and moved him off the main path to a less-traveled spot. “We saved his life,” was the preschooler assessment of the situation. We watched people walk by, including a couple of dogs that were very interested in her snack. It was not Big Deal Nature. It was very much small scale nature. We sat in the shade. One of the Wildcat locals walked by and said, “Nice shade, but you’re right in the public thoroughfare!” We didn’t care. It was not a Big Deal.

So for the next 30 days, we’re going to be trying to get in more small scale nature. The Wildlife Trusts have a great list of Random Acts of Wildness, should you be looking for some ideas. We’re going to be trying to walk to preschool more, or just get out for 20 minutes after evening pickup. We’ll update you along the way about our progress, but how could you, too, get some more nature into your life in the next 30 days?

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